by Ann Bartkowski

So as I mentioned during meeting, last week I had a really enjoyable interaction with a friendly group of Danish people at Philosophy Demo.  After we had decided whether or not time was real, when an activity becomes a bad habit, and where our minds go after we die, we still had plenty of time to discuss the science centres in Denmark where two of the women work. 

One woman apparently hailed from the Exploratorium’s Danish doppelganger, the Experimentarium.  According to Paul D., it’s built inside an old brewery and, as the woman said, has a similar feel to the warehouse our beloved Exploratorium is in (for now).  She gave us the museum’s brochure, which had a really nice quote about recognizing intelligence in everyone.  It reminded me of the multiple intelligences theory book that Anne recommended reading over the summer.  Unfortunately, I cannot find the brochure, and I don’t remember what the quote is.  Anyway, they have a pretty sweet website if you want to check it out.

They seem to have info about many of their exhibits online, and a lot of them sound very familiar to ours…stuff about DNA, how we hear, perception, light, water, bubbles, etc. …but with different variations.  One of their current exhibitions is about driving.  It reminds me of the discussion we had about attention and multi-tasking during the study group that Jennie and I led.  The Experimentarium has apparently built a virtual reality car that you can “drive”:

“Get comfortable behind the wheel of the Little Crashbang family car. The mobile phone rings. Camilla has dropped her soother and you just want to change the radio station. Do you manage to successfully brake before your neighbour’s daughter hits the front of the car?

Put on the impairment goggles. Just a beer or two – how much can you drink before you begin to feel the effects of alcohol?”  


So in addition to the Experimentarium, there is also another science place in Denmark called Danfoss Universe.  According to the woman we met who worked there, it is a combination science museum and theme park; Kind of like an Experimentarium/Exploratorium but with giant exhibits that you can immerse your whole body in.  They include, but are not limited to: a 5 °C room with an ice slide, a 40°C room that simulates a desert, a waterworks section about water and engineering, mechanical stuff like swings and giant hamster wheels you can run in, and virtual reality exhibits. 

Now that I know about these museums, I want to go to Denmark even more than I did before.  Does anyone else want to come? Maybe the Explainers and their Danish counterparts can have an exchange program!