It’s You I Like

by Sylvia

In the spirit of the kindness and compassion of Mr. Rogers, today in training we reflected on ways to help our students feel valued and let them know that we care about what they think and feel.

Explainers shared ways to help kids feel special during their field trip…

  • As an Explainer I can call on the skills of each student and have them teach me something to build their confidence.
  • “Wow, did it! You’re amazing”
  • Give them my full attention: look, listen, and really hear what they are saying.
  • Tell him/her that his/her idea was interesting and encourage him/her to continue thinking about it.
  • Learn their name and use it.
  • Be kind, share thoughts. Reassure the student their opinion matters and they also matter.
  • When a kid has a good question or answer, ask their name, and repeat what they say to everyone.
  • Get down on the visitor’s level and try to experience things from their perspective.
  • Show them a magic trick to trick their friends for snacks and candy :)
  • Ask for their name and remember it.
  • Allow them to lead an investigation into a certain exhibit.
  • Share without projecting.
  • Validate questions.
  • Making eye contact with everyone at demo stations if it’s a small group. Giving kids enough time to finish their thoughts even if it take a while for them to say it.
  • Be happy you are our future heroes.
  • We will love you until you can love yourself because you are worth more than anything imaginable.
  • Ask about their interests and actually help them explore it.
  • Show a student a self-working magic trick, and walk them through doing it themselves. Or ask a student to explain their magic trick to you.
  • Learn something about them, like their name or interests.