Plankton Poetry

by salamandersal

Poems and Haiku written by all the Field Trip Explainers after a day of plankton drags and exploration.

small creatures from the

not so deep amaze us all

by hugeness on screen

algal galaxies

whisper mobile tyranny

plant or producer?

its another world!

some are graceful, some are not

now, zooming, zoom out.

sit and swim closely

collected like stars in the sea

a universe lives

suspended device

round, void, pulsating, growing.

Immersed in Water.

suspended jewels

gravitate towards the light

sea constellations

A drift in the sea

A floating life just like me

Our lives intertwined

diatoms filled

massive accumulation

now rocks that crunch under foot

move aimlessly through

no end in sight only life

never stop moving

sun ocean surround

plankton drifting producing

breath oxygen thanks

sun ocean surround

plankton drifting producing

breathe oxygen thanks

Frightening beauty

in a drop of universe

flying dancing life

tumbling in the seas

softly dreaming forever

of autonomy

Shape shifting at sea

I am pulled all directions

me, and the unseen.

crystal container.

a transformation unknown.

most of you will die.

All aimless drifters

succumb to the ebb and flow

the breath of the Earth

A ghostly creature

swimming in a frantic way

in the ocean bay

Out in the ocean

like stars in the moon lit sky

Soul head toward the light

the violent sea

crashing, colliding, careen

in search of quiet

And here they battle

They must all seek to survive

Inside just one drop

catch me catch me now

hungry sky water pursuit

big mouthed net monster

Oh, errant drifters

traversing an endless sea

flickering like stars

Silver needle ship

in “Bean Thread Noodle Soup-rise!”

Not tasty at all.

farther than the moon

at the mini micro world

the king plankton rules

God ordered chaos

and built calm trees of earth,

then washed off in the bay

spin, swim, wiggle, stop

so many appendages!

a world in a drip