Ode to the Palace

by klstirr

This morning for Explainer training we spent time composing short poems and haikus about some of the things we won’t be able to take with us when we move to Pier 15. Here are our poetic tributes:

The Palace dust:

frosting wires, pipes, & ducts

floating dust, kicked up by generations past

out of reach, marks the passage of time


particles of past

immortalized in rafters

sun illuminates

The floor: 

smooth, pitted, rolling

mirrored black expanse bearing

scars etched in cool wax

photo 1

The drain by anti-gravity mirror:





watch your step, if you tall

you might get stuck if you small





photo 3

The explo stools: 

grit deep in grains

bottoms warm wood

pull up a seat & take time to explore

  photo 3

Hanging electrical cords:

hanging high, walking low

I’m kinda sad cause they can’t go!

I’ll never reach them, even on my tip toe

hanging high, walking low

photo 2

Doors in the Skylight:

palace framed by triangles

heavy gates

forty years ago opening doors of ideas

what color is that?

Forest green?

photo 4

The breaker boxes:

Which one do I flip?

Ah, little tape note—guide me,

light my power path…

Getting to the Palace:

 Presidigo bus

seventy minute commute

that, I will not miss

Crissy Field:

soaked pup panting

covered in sand, salt and mud

fun time at Crissy!


foggy mornings on

marina green bike ride—we

work in a beautiful place

Anne & Sylvia’s office:

books, nooks, ideas

like a snail shell protected

worries, hopes, notes, plans


Door to PFA offices/Explainer lounge: 

squeak, squeak, squeak ka-chunk

somebody is on their way

who is it? guesses?


Light in the PFA:

photo 1

 emergency exit only

exhibt works best on

a sunny day

this door is a lensless camera

emergency exit only


photo 4

surprises of light

rainbows, image of columns

tiny pinhole sun


Morning in the PFA:


It is so freakin cold here!

Jacket on, gloves on


morning quiet in

dark, cool, echo-y cavern

will it feel the same?

photo (1)