Disagreeing About Color

by Ann Bartkowski


Over my spring break from school, I visited the explo and had the privilege of attending their morning Paul D. training. Training with Paul D. is something I have missed this year, as Thursday mornings with him always gave me an outlet for my curiosity, lots of entertainment, inspiration for experiments I wanted to try, opportunities for bizarre thought experiments, and new questions to think about all week long! That Thursday, we went to the exhibit Disagreeing About Color–an exhibit I feel like I have heard Paul D. explore lots of times, but I always come away with more.

I stumbled upon this article in BBC Future (which apparently I should just start reading regularly because it’s where I found the Space schematic below also) about different points of “hue”. It’s a pretty quick and fascinating read if you are interested in science, languages, and other cultures like I am. It reminds me of a conversation that arose at our Disagreeing About Color training– about how the colors you see at that exhibit are dependent both upon the biology of your eyes and also your cultural beliefs about color. For example, the article states that “Vietnamese and Korean people do not differentiate blue from green – leaves and sky are both coloured xanh in Vietnam.” Check the rest of the article out here!

Someone update me on the the monks who are visiting and their thoughts on Disagreeing About Color!