Size and Scale and…. S P A C E !

by Ann Bartkowski

As a former Explainer slash current first year science teacher, I have lots of awesome kids to share all of my love and inquiry for science with. I also have lots of science questions that I can no longer just ask Paul D when I see him, especially awesomely creative questions that kids come up with during class! So now I go to the internet.

The question, “How big is space?” randomly came up this week, and “really big” didn’t seem like a good enough answer. Luckily, my googling turned up THIS SITE. It reminds me a lot of this size and scale prezi-esque visualization that’s already in the depths of our blog. It even tells you how long you’ve been scrolling down through it to help you get a handle on spacetime! It has sooo much cool mind-blowing information that you probably should just stop reading this and start scrolling through it right now.