First Day Hopes!

by Leaf

Today was the first day of explainer training for the 2011-12 school year of field trip ! We shared our goals for the students that will visit this year.

I hope the school field trip kids…

-get empowered to ask why.

-have an amazing time at the museum and that they discover new things and share their discoveries with others.

-get a moment of beautiful confusion.

-get the knowledge that science is all around them in the world, and they have the ability to learn something at any given moment.

-find something in the museum that they think is marvelous and that energizes and inspires them and leaves them with more questions.

-have fun and learn something new.

-feel welcome into our community.

-learn that learning is not always boring.

-get excited about learning new things, feel empowered to ask questions and connect their experience to their everyday lives.

-realize that learning can happen anywhere, not just in a classroom.

-for them to have an amazing unforgettable experience at the Exploratorium and to make it friendly for them to explore without fear.

-leave not only with answers but with more questions. These questions will lead to more learning.

-get confused and simultaneously excited enough to purse an answer.

-will have an experience that they will excitedly share with others.

-will find at least one interesting thing or phenomenon that would stay in their mind and keep them thinking.

-don’t just learn something at the Exploratorium, but get excited to go learn more about something they saw.

It is going to be a great year!