Stop Motion Animation

by Ann Bartkowski

At work recently, Sebastian and Chad have been designing and perfecting a stop animation station, so visitors can easily create their own animations. Stop motion is a technique of film making in which someone takes a photograph, physically manipulates objects in the photo, and then repeats this process a million times before stringing all the frames together. You can check out some short films that visitors have made here on the Tinkering Studio Blog.

I am writing about stop motion because I made my own and am super excited to share it!!! I heard about a contest sponsored by Travelocity to win a volunteer trip to teach abroad. Since I #1) love traveling #2) love teaching #3)love volunteering, I decided I wanted to enter. I sought the advice of my talented and creative co-Explainers and they encouraged me to make a stop motion animation to help me stand out from the rest of the contestants. Because I didn’t have an amazing-Sebastian-and-Chad-built-station in my apartment, I built an animation station of my own using a digital camera, a cribbage board, some books, a TV stand I found on the street, and a ton of blue tape. Here’s a pic of the set up!