Trying to grow up

by Aiona

Last weekend, while visiting the house I grew up in and sorting through one of the many boxes I still keep stashed and mostly forgotten in the crawlspace, I happened to open up my old baby book. Tucked in there between my birth story and a catalog of growing hand prints, I found a whole bunch of cute little stories about myself, age 0-5. Mostly they said things like: “Aiona is trying to eat this book and my pen while I write, arrggg…” but near the end I found a tiny tidbit that I just love, and perhaps excuses some of my childhood stubbornness to do everything my own way. Here it is:

“Age 5: The baby sitter asked Aiona why she won’t let her help her with anything and Aiona said. “Remember when you were a little girl and you were trying to grow up? Sometimes you have to try things by yourself so you can learn.” ”

Well said, little Aiona, and so true.