Saved from an unfortunate (but tasty) end

by josuecastellanos

So one day in April I felt like making BLT sandwiches for lunch club, and when I went to Safeway I discovered a lettuce that’s “so fresh, because it’s still alive”. So these lettuces come with the roots still attached, and I couldn’t bring myself to eat the little one. So I decided to try and plant the lettuce in a pot in the Bio Lab. Sadly, the Bio Staff evicted the lettuce and it died after a week of living on window sill at my house.

So this summer, one of my 8th graders asked if we could have a class pet. I suggested that if we could keep a plant alive for the summer, we could move up to higher life forms. I bought another lettuce, and we planted it and it lived pretty happily in my classroom for the 5 week summer.

Then it came time to figure out what to do with the lettuce. Around the same time, the last of our flowers in the planters at the “home” finally died. We bought some mini rose plants to put around the planter and in the middle, we planted the lettuce in late July and by September it was looking awesome!

The best part, started about three weeks ago when the lettuce started blooming! Little buds started appearing around the 15th and as of November, this is what the lettuce looked like. I don’t think there are any other lettuces growing in the neighborhood, so I doubt it’ll ever be pollinated, but it’s pretty cool to look at!