Haiku Take Over

by Aiona

A couple of weeks ago several Explainer managers from partnering museums came out to tour the Exploratorium Explainer program. Together we picked an exhibit that really spoke to us, the strobe-o-scope, and wrote haikus, Explainer style. The first one we created by combining words we independently wrote down on separate sticky notes. I’m impressed we made it rhyme. The rest are individual creations. Perhaps we’ll get haiku contributions from Texas, San Diego and Oklahoma soon.


Here’s to the subtle art of science haikus. Enjoy!


Self Expression
Blurred Connection
Click Play Stutter
Free Reaction Shutter

Picture moved with time
Fun transformed though
A quiet click
2 seconds, don’t think

I am continuing to
Learn and play as change
With every day being new

Walking by looking
I consider erasure
Will I hurt feelings?

There was a day
I came to play
my mind was in a whirl

Then came the thoughts
of grander scale
and now my whole world rocks