Bicycle Exhibits Floor Walk

by Anne

Today, Ken Finn led us in a floorwalk of bicycle exhibits, connecting the art and science of bicycles with practical tips for boosting our confidence as bike owners and riders.  We now know that we can maintain our own bikes… and if all else fails, we can use them to teach science or make art!

We visited:

Downhill Races: wheel speed and mass

Lariat Chain: the fluidity of chains and the reminder that bicycles are fun

Bicycle Wheel Gyro: what wheels are made of

Spoke Sounds: (What’s that one called?) Spoke tension, the shape of wheels, and music

Animal Cell Model: heart rates and exercise

Pulley Table: how gears work



Here are Ken’s resources:

My Favorite Bicycle Book is
Effective Cycling by John Forester ISBN: 0262560704

Try it from the library first, the guy is opinionated and can go on
and on about the bike/car share the rode thing (the book is almost 600
pages!).  That said, he is an engineer, wicked smart, and a monster on
a bike (read chapter 37 about all the alpine passes in the Sierra

My Favorite Website is

Place for Tires –

Place for Tools and Parts

Again, I realize I am suggesting on-line shopping but these places are run by
real people (both in Oregon) who actually care about bicycles and bike
riding (and riders).  If you have a local bike shop that works for
you, please throw them your business – it is one of the best things
you can do for cycling besides getting on the bike.