Last Day of Training

by lianna

Exhibit haikus

An Explainer tradition

Summing it all up

Ok, it’s not the best haiku ever, but it gets the point across, right?  We wrapped up an  amazing two weeks of training with one of my favorite activities – the exhibit haiku!  Manpreet is an all star and recorded all the brilliance we created.  We started at Colored Shadows.  Everybody wrote either an adjective, verb, or noun about this exhibit and randomly taped them up on the wall.  After a little rearranging, this is what we came up with:


surprising wall light obscured trinity

separating complex space melding fun

blocking shapes hide rainbow silhouette, move

Pretty good, huh?  After that we broke out into small groups to visit an exhibit that makes the invisible visible and be inspired by it to write a haiku or three.  I’ll write the haikus here for now and post answers in the comments in a few days. Until then, you’ll just have to see where the imagery takes you!


saga in moments

amazing dance transforms time

make it fall again



discombobulating puff

discordant anguish


gently squeaking scent

challenge to the senses, yes?




clear, pink, green, orange, purple, blue

multiply by 2


sleeping in silence

tonal friction awaken

emerging patterns


sprinkle snowy gems

crystalized meanderings

chaos dances still


the lengthening slide

illuminate wind high low

light magnified toot