How many exhibits can you fit in one four minute music video?

by lianna

In the jungle that YouTube can sometimes be, I stumbled across this video a few months ago and found it fascinating.  Since then I have returned to it several times, not because the song is anything special, but because the video itself is so fun to watch.

It’s fun to see the exhibits that are so familiar to us presented in such a different way.  And that got me thinking, exactly how many exhibits are in that video?  At first I thought that would be easy to figure out — watch and count.  But how do you decide which illusions count?  Ones that are related to exhibits?  Ones that are identical to exhibits?  What about the ones that used to be on the floor and aren’t anymore?  And how many times did the team in white bounce the ball? (just kidding…)

So I propose a challenge to all you explainers out there.  Watch it and count up how many exhibits you see.  Then we can compare answers!  I’d love to hear your perspective on it.