Mistake Garden

by Aiona

Last week a very old friend of mine came to visit and I showed him my garden. “It doesn’t look like much” I said, “but that’s just because I don’t really know anything about gardening, and I decided to just plant however it made sense to me and then learn from my mistakes.” He looked at me with a look of utter shock. “But you used to be the one who never made mistakes.”

And I didn’t have a garden back then either, and wouldn’t have planted one unless I was sure I could keep everything alive. This conversation reminded me of something very very important I learned from being an Explainer, that the deepest learning happens when you just try something, without being sure of the outcome. And if you live this way you have to be okay with your plants not always surviving, and your bread not always rising, and making a lot of mistakes sometimes. It took me awhile for my ego to be okay with that, but now it seems so second nature I forgot for a moment that I used to be otherwise. Thank you Explainers for teaching me how to mess up.