Fall 2010 Explainer Year Hopes

by Ann Bartkowski

To kick off the 2010 Explainer Year, we began by compiling some of our many hopes and dreams for the upcoming year.  Above is one explainer’s visual representation of what he hopes will happen this year.  Read the list below to get insight into what the explainers hope to help people to achieve this year:

I hope to help visitors…

…get interested in something new to them, and try to get someone else interested as well.

…take ownership of their experiences and have courage to follow their passions.

…be empowered and inspired to ask questions about the world around them.

…do something thing they thought would never be possible to do in a museum, like bang on an exhibit just to see what it sounds like!

…realize that they can be responsible for learning things that interest them.  They can follow their own passions.

…be inspired (and to support those who are already inspired) to explore the world.

…understand at least one concept, but also to fully enjoy themselves that they’ll want to come back.

…experience wonder and excitement that will stay with them in their everyday life.

…know that it is OK to be curious — that it is quite cool actually!

…walk away having had a rich experience — full of experimentation, newfound curiousities, and surprising discoveries.

…develop the ability to learn new knowledge for fun.

…come away from the museum with a deeper connection to perception and everything that means to them.

…discover the power of their own creative thinking and be inspired to bring it to experiences outside the museum.

…feel empowererd to learn more about the world around them, by playing, experiementing, and sharing what they noticed.

…gain a bit of curiosity about the world around them that they might not have been quite as in touch with before their visit.  I want them to leave with the idea that wonder is all around them if they choose to look for it.

…leave with more questions than they started with, and a sense they can find the answers themselves.

…will be amazed and have fun!