Never Lost

by ryan

Seems like with the Google liquid galaxy that was recently taken off the floor, the Polynesian navigation event last week, and the directions from the internet to the party in the presidio on the explainer lounge table,  there have been a lot of talk about maps and map making around the museum lately.

Ann and I have also been interested in exploring things to do for outdoor demos and the spontaneous creation of personalized maps might be a interesting path to go down.

I was reading an article the other day that I wanted to post here about how homemade maps are often better than the ones that we print out on the internet because they reveal specific information to a specific audience.

Hand-Drawn Maps…

Anne was talking about someone who she listened to on ‘this american life’ who made maps of his whole neighborhood that each displayed a different aspect of the area. I really like this one of stars seen from a specific intersection.

Here’s the link to Episode #110 (mapping)

It seems that its all about noticing the world around you in different ways. Maybe we could do this with the exploratorium. Josue’s stool stalking scheme anyone?