“I think it’s quite wonderful that we don’t mind losing some control.”

by Ann Bartkowski

Last summer during camp, Ryan and I found a book of Frank quotes. One quote in particular stood out- it was about Frank talking to the architects about what kind of museum he wanted to build. It was cool to reflect on his thoughts at a time when the museum is once again having many discussions about how to build a new space “like that which we think would be very good” to continue our work and play in. 

We have been planning to make an elaborate music video with Jarrod starring as Frank since he is probably the only explainer in the history of the program to wear ties to work daily, but we haven’t gotten around to it yet and it’s been like half a year…so without further ado, i am just posting this unedited version!

PS I also like that Frank was down with letting kids run around inside of the museum.