The Super Stool Stalking Scheme

by josuecastellanos

So Lianna and Anne R. gave me the idea this morning that we should study the movement (or lack thereof) of the stools in the museum. After checking with Sylvia, Anne, and Eric R. I present you with the Super Stool Stalking Scheme!

Over the next couple of days, I’ll be putting colored sticker-dots on as many stools as possible. The dots are going to be on the legs of the stools, so you can see the dots as you walk by them. They’re covered with a piece of scotch tape so hopefully they won’t fall off easily and the tentative color-key is below.

I have three goals for this project: 1.) The novelty of knowing where the stools go when we’re not around. 2.) Seeing how long it take before people start asking questions about the dots on the stools. 3.) Finding out how long until the dots stay before they get taken off.

I’m starting stalking the stools from where they are now and seeing where they go from here. I’m not planning on taking the dots off anytime soon, so let’s see where the stools go over the next few months.

Dot Size/Color Origin Location
Big/Neon Green Mezz. Back (Listen)
Small/Green Mezz. Front (Traits and Electricity & Magnetism)
(with black D)
Cow Eye Table (4 on visitor side)
(with black letter)
Explainer Stools (D-Drawing board (3), C-Cow eye (2), S- Scope (2), P- Philosophy/magic (6), L- Light play (2))
Big/Black Back (Mind and Seeing)
Big/Yellow PFA Conference lounge and offices
(with black “B”)
Bio Lab (2)
Yellow (with black s) Studio
No Sticker Front, Mid, and Skylight