Science of Cocktails

by Ann Bartkowski

So we spent some time tonight exploring the science of cocktails.  I got to work with Don from the Teacher Institute and learned a lot about density and alcohols from him. I also got to practice my pousse-cafe making skills. (Pousse-cafe turns out to be French for “pushes coffee”… basically it’s equivalent to our term “chaser”)  Above is a picture of some Pousse-cafes, which have dense, sugary grenadine as the bottom layer, followed by creme de menthe, island punch pucker, midori melon, orange curacao, and sloe gin, and topped off with tequila (which is even less dense than water!).

Don’t get too excited though, this density drink of death looks way better than it tastes.  But I’m confident that with enough experimentation the Explainers can construct a delicious and eye-appealing recipe.

Alex Smith sent out this awesome slideshow that some photographer has made of the night.  Here are some lovely shots of Paul D. and Ryan, and me and Don!