Venereal Terms

by josuecastellanos

During our nature walk on Thursday I was listening to Ryan J. and Alicia discuss grouping names. Now, I refused to believe that there are such terms as “a unkindess of ravens” or “an ugly of walruses”. But thanks to Google I discovered that not only are those the proper terms, but that they are properly called “venereal terms”. Yes, venereal terms. Those are the collective nouns, words used in the English language to describe groups of things.

Some terms are common place: a round of drinks, a pack of wolves, a school of fish, a heard of cattle. Some more obscure: a ohmn of electricians, a gang of elk, a troop of baboons. And some just horrible puns: a heard of audiologists, a audit of accountants, an archive of programmers, a debauchery of bachelors.

Some of my favorite venereal terms: a sneak of weasels, a rascal of boys, a giggle of girls, a congress of baboons, a flight of bees, an atlas of maps, a column of accountants, a glacier of freezers, a groan of puns, a stripe of zebras.

So, now the question is: what do you call a group of Explainers? An empery of Explainers? An enigma of Explainers? A museum of Explainers?
An armada of Explainers?