We Are All Connected

by ryan

Hope everyone had a great fortieth anniversary weekend. My highlights included an epic anti-gravity mirror battle against Marcus (the undisputed champion of that event), a child asking me what might happen if someone coughed on a brain, and having a really interesting conversation with some visitors about the motorcycle that (nearly) cut a block of ice in half. It was way fun being on the floor with the high school explainers on a busy weekend day. Oh and I also enjoyed taking over VJ duties in the webcast studio and broadcasting the owl song, the einstein rap, and the sun painting dance. If I would have known about it I would have played this video starring Bill Nye, Niel deGrasse Tyson, Richard Feynman, and Carl Sagan with their voices changed by autotune. Can we do this for one of Paul D.’s trainings? Maybe the sound box has this kind of power. Anyways, enjoy the song.