First Take Off Your Shoes

by ryan

In the process of researching activities to do with the students who come on field trips, we found a book called More New Games by my favorite hippie game creator of all time, the legendary Andrew Fluegelman.  The games that he created can be best described as things you might play in a giant field right after you dropped acid while time tripping in 1972 and still have the greatest time of your life. The book is filled with descriptions of cosmic truths and pictures like this…

I highly recommend checking out a copy of the book from the learning commons and checking out all the treasures that it holds (I’d say buy it on Amazon but there’s only one used copy and it goes for $214.95!!!!).

So not to back down from a challenge, the explainers tested out one of Fluegelman’s games in Friday meeting. The game seemed simple. All one needed to do was find a partner, hold up a hand, close their eyes, connect with the partner’s aura, spin three times, then try to reconnection with the spiritual life force of their partner. Easy right?  Since we did so well, I suggest we try the above pictured ‘people pass’ for the next meeting. We just may want to take our shoes off first.