Kitten Mittens

by Ann Bartkowski

Today during the P.I.E.L.A.R. experiment, we worked more in Scratch and made our first video games.  Ryan made a Mister DNA that tries to eat primordial soup.  I made a kitten who tries to avoid wearing mittens.  I was inspired by this hilarious clip, and by a real live kitten i met who wouldn’t let me attempt to recreate the mitten experiment on it.  You should probably get to practicing because I’m pretty sure the Final Final is going to replace Ms. Pac Man with these two, and you’re going to want your name on the high score list to make yourself feel better after you lose a free popcorn eating contest there after the bartender at Liverpool Lil’s didn’t let you eat happy hour food for dinner.

For now you can play our games here for now, while we negotiate w/ PS3 and Wii for rights…