Now I Can Die In Peace

by ryan

Happy America’s Birthday Day! I spent the day in Coney Island fulfilling an ultimate dream of mine…witnessing the majesty of the Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog eating contest. There was a fine field of gurgitators but in reality the only two that mattered were Kobayashi and Joey Chestnut.  Kobayashi couldn’t compete with the upstart American who devoured 68 hot dogs in ten minutes.

It’s pretty incredible that these otherwise normal looking human beings can eat so much more than the average man or woman. I feel like I couldn’t eat more than 7 hot dogs in 10 mins. We also started trying to figure out what food we would want to competititvely eat. I said either strawberries or french fries. After the contest we watched the fireworks over the Hudson! All in all the ultimate way to spend the holiday. Hope everyone is doing well in San Fran.