Delightful Plastic Monster

by ryan

On Friday those of us around the museum got the distinct treat of getting involved in an awesome temporary art installation by Shih Cheih Huang (CJ) who has spent the week at the Exploratorium sharing his work with us. With the simple materials of a box fan, bungee chords, a large plastic painters tarp, and the willing help of volunteer knot tiers, he created a magical moving tupe scuplture that looked like either small intestines, a a caterpillar, or a benign version of the smoke monster on LOST. In my mind, the coolest part was how co-workers from all over the museum appeared in the skylight to play together and participate in the unique experience. Everyone had giant smiles on their faces and I heard many people commenting about what a fun place we get to come to for ‘work’ everyday. Check out some photos I took of the festivities.

Here’s a link to Karen’s photos on Facebook

More photos of the artist’s works on his website