Sideshow Science After Dark

by ryan

Last night, the Explainers contributed to a pretty freaky carny night that include Paul D. smashing a cinder block on the chest of the non holey man (Eric. M.) as he lay between two beds of nails, a tripped-out strobe light room that incited dancing and prompted Gabe to have interesting fantasies, and Luigi (aka the great Wonderson) doing what he does best.

Our room was a life sized version of the disappearer exhibit, allowing visitors to construct their problems and then see them vanish into thin air. With the two Ryans out front, calling the pull, the room was packed with people, sitting in a dark room, as a disco ball rotated, with Radiohead and Pink Floyd playing in the background. Or as a mom told her daughter, “it looks like a college dorm room party in there”.

It was awesome to see a training that we did for a study group shared with the public. Check out these awesome pictures that Amy took of posing Explainer carnies and others as the night progressed. And after the night was over, as the crew sat in the possum’s belly (aka jukebox room) with the museum cleared of patrons, it was hard to declare the night anything but a total success.