Nice Adorable Cute Fuzzy Precious Cuddly Snuggly Baby Animals

by Ann Bartkowski

I don’t want to talk about how disappointed I still am that I was not present at last Friday’s cuteness training.  Especially since I noticed someone made the Cuteness Closet even cuter lately.  Actually though, sometimes the Cuteness Closet and Cuteness Cupboard k.o.*  piss me off, because I feel powerless to the emotions they conjure up in me and i cannot suppress awwwwing at the adorableness of that kitten wearing frog ears or that precious lady bug crawling on that smiling plant.  And though it makes me want to vom, it simultaneously makes me want to whimper and hug things.  

This is where the fucking precious penguin baby pictured comes into play.  Apparently someone else was also k.o. annoyed at the adorability of animal babes and took it out on them in blog form.  Seriously, you guys should read this. All of it.  Read the archives, even.   The author of this blog tells cute animals what’s what.  Furthermore, we should add it to the Cute Room.  It would be far better than that touch screen where you move the hammer along the spectrum of attractiveness.   

*k.o. = kind of  (i learned this from an 8-year-old at Spring Camp while I was missing training)