Estimation Quiz

by ryan

I like estimation. We use it all thie time. For example we look at a group of kids and estimate how many explainers will be needed (1 per 40 kids). We estimate how much coffee we have to drink to stay good and hyper all morning (4-6 cups). Some of us even can do a mystical magic trick that involves the power of estimation to produce the chosen card (or so we say).

But how good are we really at the fine skill of estimation. The other day we were trying to figure out how many pieces of paper would reach the top of a tall building. And we were trying to figure out the size of nano planets. And about how much is half a lethal dose anyways.

I really liked this article in the NY Times last week about how to break these immense problems into parts we can relate to. And when you think about it thats kinda what we do anyways in the museum, take abstract science concepts and make them seeable hearable or touchable.

The Biggest of Puzzles Brought Down to Size

If you have some time after reading the article, you should take the added quiz to test your estimation abilities. The answers go by powers of ten so you don’t even have to be that exact and yet I had a super hard time with this. I got 1 out 8 right which actually seems statistically improbable. Oh well. Maybe you all can do better.

Test Your Estimation Abilities