My Evidence

by ryan

I got a museum news email today about an Exploratorium website that I’ve never heard of getting recognized as a site-of-the-week by Communication Arts. The site is called…
Evidence : How Do We Know What We Know. It’s really cool because users can input their own evidence for or against human caused global warming, the earth being flat, and the existence of ghosts(?). Its nice because the three options are a definite scientific fact, a superstition, and a debatable theory. You can sort the evidence submitted in a variety of categories. Overall, it’s a really pretty interface that visualizes these ideas.

It’s funny because some of us were just talking about the symposium recently held in the mcbean about global warming and other conversations we’ve had with people. It’s good to think about the role of a science museum in these discussions. It was really nice that Dennis said that it’s not our role as an institution to tell the visitors what to think but to give them the evidence and let them figure stuff out for themselves.

This website presents that concept quite nicely. Kudos!