Bubble Daze

by ryan

This past week we have had a group of bubble enthusiasts from around the world, came to the Exploratorium to talk about, demonstrate, and play with that magical combination of water, soap, glycerin, and other secret ingredients. On Tuesday, Sterling Johnson, a bubble master, gave us a training all about the scientific properties of bubbles. Early in the morning on Wednesday, the participants gathered in the parking lot to see if they could break the Guinness world record for biggest bubble. I’m not sure if they got a confirmed record but some of the bubbling was simply stunning.

Sebastian took some more pictures and uploaded them on to flickr here…

More Bubble Daze Pics by Sebastian

Then after the fun outside, three Explainers from the Experimentarium in Denmark came and led a training for us. They did some amazing tricks and gave us great advice on what tools to use with our bubble exhibits. We looked up their video on YouTube and it is nothing short of amazing. Enjoy!