Hide and Seek

by ryan

A couple of weeks ago we had a training where Amisha and I handed out a bunch of old clothes, paper, art materials, etc. and gave the Explainers the assignment of creating camouflage videos around the Exploratorium. And although we initially thought it would just be a super random and fun activity, there ended up being all sorts of cool results of the training. First of all, it just showed the groups incredible skills of working as teams to come up with brilliant disguises in a limited time. There were probably about 15 videos made by the 3 groups in merely a half hour. Somehow these ones worked with the video editing software I have on my computer, but I will try to get more up on the blog as well.

Besides the wonderful products that we created, the process of making the videos taught us about really noticing the exhibits in an interactive way.

It was really a bit scary beforehand because Amisha and I weren’t sure how the group would respond to the challenge, but of course in the end we were extremely impressed and grateful for the spirit of adventure and the crocodile hunter voices.