Put Your Dang Hand on the Red Wall

by ryan

No the red wall! Use your eyes!

Oops, sorry about that. As a recent convert to the religion of rock climbing, I’m amazed at how addictive the seemingly simple act of getting to the top of a wall studded with grips and cracks can be. I keep thinking of seeing how the muscles worked in the arms of the cadavers that Peter showed us at UCSF and how those are worked to the extreme in the art of climbing.

I also was inspired by Ryan Kelly’s prototype exhibit that shows the way that the climbing equipment mimics natural forms to produce extra strength.  Hopefully he’ll tape up his bloody hands and type out a blog post about his ideas sometime soon.

I was curious about more of the science about rock climbing so I did a google search and lo and behold the first article that came up was a doozy by the one and only climbing enthusiast and physicist Paul D. himself.

I read it and knew that I had to share with with you all. It’s called “Hands Up” and is a great read detailing the thoughts that go through Paul’s mind as he scales a granite wall in Yosemite.

Hands Up!

If you can’t get enough, there are more stories of adventures on Paul’s website here…


Now print it out read it! And get your flippin’  left foot on the pink hold.