Brain Folds Five

by ryan

Here’s an article that Charlie sent out a few days ago on museum news that relates to the Brain Dissection.

Scientific American Article – Exploring the Folds of the Brain

I like how this magazine gives the main points before hand which in case you don’t want to read the whole thing are…

Key Concepts

  • The cerebral cortex is the structure that gives the organ its convoluted surface. It is involved with high-level processing of our perceptions, thoughts, emotions and actions.
  • Intricate folding permits the expansive cortex to fit inside a skull with limited surface area.
  • Recent discoveries have shown that mechanical tension between neurons creates the hills and valleys of the cortex.
  • The cortical landscape differs between healthy people and individuals with brain disorders that originate during development, such as autism. These shape differences suggest that connections between brain regions of affected individuals also depart from the norm.

Cool stuff that we can work into the exploration in the MIND section.

And yes that is a Krang action figure from TMNT! Booyah!