by ryan

Yesterday, we had a tour of the UCSF gross anatomy labs with the amazing Dr. Peter O’Hara who has taken a special role this year as a friend of the Exploratorium and the Explainers in general by teaching us about biology and anatomy. During a normal school day, we dissect plenty of cow eyeballs and sheep brains and teach the field trip kids about the parts and how they work together. A few weeks ago Peter showed us a human brain and answered our many questions about the mind and the way our thought processes work. After that training, he offered to show us around his anatomy lab and we were excited to learn more about science and get a perspective on what medical students and professors go through daily. It was definitely a great and memorable experience that many of us would never have had a chance to do in our lives. it was very inspiring to see a very different type of educator meeting with our group of educators and teaching us both about the content of biology and the ways that his students participate in hands on dissections of the cadavers. The lab was on the 13th floor of the med center and boasted perhaps the greatest view of any classroom in the world. Here are some pictures we took before the lab. Feel free to use the comment section to discuss what parts of the ‘field trip’ were the most surprising, shocking, or interesting.