Dear Mr. President

by Ann Bartkowski

Today, whilst cleaning my room, I re-found a letter that I found last year in the museum.  It was in an elementary school kid’s binder, and I copied it before I turned it all in to lost and found because I thought it was so great. Although it is not particularly relevant to science, I like the insight it provides into how kids think about things.  

” Dear Mr. President,

You’re the worst president we’ve ever had.  Your feet stink and your socks stink more than your feet.  You dress bad.  Your haircut is the worst haircut I’ve ever seen.  Last but not least I hate the way you talk.  It reminds me of the country home videos on CMT.  The next time you run for president I have a feeling I will beat you by 45,000%.

Your Happy Citizen,

Dakota* ”

*name changed to protect the innocent