How I Spent My Winter Brain-cation

by ryan

A week or so ago the Explainers had a wonderful training with Charlie’s friend Peter O’Hara from USF where we watched a human brain dissection. There was so much information to get from the fabulous presentation. It’s always interesting to see what each Explainer focuses on. We wrote down a list of what each of us thought was one thing we learned that really stuck with us. I collected them and found them this evening as a sweaty crumpled mass of tiny line pages in the pocket of my pants. Let’s get them off those pieces of paper and on to the internets.

  • I didn’t know the human brain could last so long (20 years or more) in the storage fluid.
  • I had no idea the spinal cord was that short
  • The different places on the spinal cord for pain and fine touch.
  • That you can see where the nerves from your arms and legs meet at the spinal cord and how it makes a bulge.
  • I thought the human brain would be smaller and the spinal cord would be bigger.
  • The difference in the straight line versus T shaped spinal connections in humans and animals.
  • How the light touch and hard touch go up or down only and that the cord has different sides.

There was so much other cool information that we learned. Sylvia and Charlie should have pictures of the dissection that hopefully we can upload on the blog eventually. There’s a lot of really nauseated expressions from bio newbies like myself.

Also Sylvia and Anne had a member’s class on Sunday about the brain. They used a blog in a different and cool way. They compiled a list of all the questions that the students and parents asked and then made a post for each one. Hopefully, the Exploratorium experts can give answers in the comments sections.

Here’s the link – Brain Question Blog

I think explainers could answer some of the questions as well. It’s nice to see the guerrilla blogging at the explo getting used in different ways.