Snail Detail

by Anne

On Saturday, we offered our second family investigation workshop for members.  Using what we’ve learned from the Institute for Inquiry, we investigated garden snails. These little critters turn out to be wonderful to watch–they don’t run away (at least not very fast), they have a non-squishy part to hold onto, they don’t bite, they are completely captivating, and I can easily find them in my garden.  Once every few months or so, my housemates find me out in the garden at night with my headlamp and a container, pulling snails off of the garden wall.  I put them into a plastic tub and keep them until it’s time for class.  On Saturday morning, I woke up to one of my housemates noticing that one of them was on the outside of the lid. I’m not sure how it got out, but luckily, they’re not very fast.

My favorite part was the snail climbing wall/obstacle course, in which snails climbed a post in the classroom that was decorated with a variety of textures, pathways, and loop-the-loops. The snails reliably start making their way up the post when you set them on the course.  They don’t, however, reliably crawl through paper tubes- even when there’s a treat at the end.  Once in the tube, they seem very content to stay there.

Here’s my haiku:

Small, curious snail

Sliding with spiraling home

Squish, slop, suction, stuck

Here is a link to a participant’s blog: