Shocking Roof Secrets Revealed

by ryan

On Friday, a few of us lucky souls, still ‘working’ at 4:00, got to hang out up on the roof of the Exploratorium to check out the fleet week Blue Angels show. It was a pretty scary climb up the ladder, but at least I knew that if I slipped, Marcus would break my fall with his body.

Once we got to the top of the building. We noticed that it was pretty big and covered in gravel. There’s a lot of space up there. It’s not a living roof, but it would probably be a pretty good place to run laps for a workout.

One of the coolest things that we saw up there was the start of the Sun Painting Exhibit. There are two mirrors which have to be adjusted every day to get the correct angle of sun reflected down into the building. We had to watch out for that trap door next to it.

There were some other exhibits up there too like the refraction patterns that create rainbow patterns on the walls, satellite dishes, and this weather monitor set up for research.

Then we turned the corner and saw the secret jacuzzi. Unfortunately our camera ran out of batteries right then and we didn’t get to take a picture. It was pretty nice though.