Genius Alert

by ryan

For those who didn’t catch the newspapers, radio coverage, web traffic, mus-news, etc.

Our good buddy and Exploratorium artist Walter Kitundu won the MacArthur “Genius” award on Monday. Walter has so many awesome talents to share with the world and its been amazing to work with him for the past year or so on PIE projects. While it’s always a pleasure to see Walter’s inventions, art, instruments, and photography, those of us who have spent time working with him at Maker’s Faire, building the 3-14 Chain Reaction Machine, or just hanging out watching American Gladiators have also been privileged to enjoy his graciousness, humor and down-to-earth personality.

For those of you all not familiar with Walter’s many talents – check out these sites and get a small sampling of some of his geniusness.

SFIST article about Walter recieving the award

Chronicle article about the Genius fellowship (I liked this article because at the top of the front page the teaser said ” ‘crazy instrument’ builder wins award ” which made me think at first glance like they were questioning his sanity.)

Walter’s Website

Walter’s Amazing Photos of Birds

Some Instruments made for Kronos Quartet

And these few links don’t even began to describe Walter’s breadth of interests and brilliance in all of them. Especially his not yet recognized achievments hurling plastic Albert Einstein figurines into the sky and smashing objects with a baseball bat/camera.

You’re an inspiration to us all, Walter!