A New Year of Field Trips

by Anne

Today we each shared one thing that we hope that the school kids who visit the Exploratorium get out of their day. Here’s what we’re hoping:

  • To have a stong, positive memory of a unique experience–a personal story to tell their friends and family.
  • Fun, enrichment, good memories.
  • They figure out something new. An “ah-ha!” moment. A spark of interest. Something they can relate to a previous experience.
  • A sense of curiosity, a sense of wonder, respect as learners.
  • I hope kids find an exhibit experience that feels magical or exciting to them.
  • I hope that they feel confident about knowing how to use at least one exhibit themselves.
  • I hope they have a moment to observe something, anything, on their own, by themselves, and take as much time as they need.
  • I hope that the kids that are usually shy come out of their shell a little.
  • I hope they see playing, learning, and looking at things in a new way.
  • I hope they see the cow’s eye and/or decomosition exhibits.
  • I hope that the students leave with a better understanding of science and learning as it exists beyond the classroom, that they see how ideas can be turned into physical examples.
  • I want kids to remember that the orange vest Explainers are awesome!
  • I hope for one day they can be the experts at trying things out and being curious.
  • I want kids to get fun out of field trips here, and also get a fun experience out of science and technology.
  • Fun, an empowering experience, skills both hard and soft–communication, exploration, self-esteem, a break from the everyday, releasing the need to know and the power of wonder.
  • To experience amazement, interest in something that sticks with them.
  • I hope that they leave curious about why one exhibit worked.
  • I want to make each kid feel comfortable and intelligent.