Paul D. at 4:00AM

by ryan

Last Thursday night and early Friday morning, there was a sleepover at the Exploratorium to watch a web cast of a total solar eclipse live from China. The festivities started at 9:00pm and the visitors sped toward the skylight in order to get the best sleeping spots. As you can see…it got a little crowded!

Some of the members of the illustrious Exploratorium team who made the trek out the middle of the Gobi dessert were Rob Semper, Robyn, Nicole Minor, and the famous Paul D! Members of the team wrote on what I found to be a very cool and interesting blog-type-thing that gave the details and insights about what it was like to be there in a fun and casual way. Also if you want to watch a replay of the entire program, click here!

The explainer crew who made it until 3:00 AM to see the live broadcast were myself, Sylvia, Ann, Anne Andre, and Amisha. It was totally worth it, although we were super tired in the morning for summer camp. The entire event had a great feeling to it and all the staff was in a festive and fun mood even after working all day and staying up all night.

And while the entire night was awesome. The only thing left to do is see an eclipse in person! Here’s a map of the next thirty or so years of eclipses. There will be one in the US in 2017 but I don’t know if I can wait that long. If only we can apply for an explainer to be a part of the team! Next time. Next time. Next time!

All tuckered out!!!