Iron Explainers

by ryan

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. And desperate times calls for desperate measures. Like paper towel tubes and pepper eating. And a desperate competition based on the greatest television show of all time that’s not named American Gladiators.

“Cui-san, what’s in the McBean Auditorium?”

Explainers competing to the death…and the secret ingredient is…

“TUBES!!!!!” (tubes that once perfectly coiled together 2 ply extra quilted paper towels)

So what did the explainers make? irish wristwatches? unique new york? toy boat toy boat?

Obviously not.

In the fifteen minutes allowed in the competition our groups of twos made an EYE-dentification machine,

a listening torture device named after a girl,

musical instruments,

dancing bubble wands, a mirror relay contraption and a kaleidescope!

These were ultimate explainer creations that challenged the boundaries of normalcy!

But at the end of the day the winner was Sylvia who donned the persona of the kitchen stadium’s Chairman Kaga and started the competition with a delicious bite of yellow pepper!