Maker Faire!

by Luigi Anzivino

Maker Faire, once again, was really awesome. Above is a slideshow of the craziness that was the Exploratorium booth. Unfortunately, I have no photos of anything else that happened, because I pretty much stuck to the Explo space all the time. I know there was selective cupcake riding, some guy made a vacuum tube theremin, and swap-o-rama-rama enabled the birth of the pill-ho, but that’s about it.

A humongous thanks to all the Explainers that made it possible, easy, and fun: thanks to Ryan, Sarah, Aiona, Amisha, Antoine, Katie, and Nicole. Thanks also to special guest star Christina, who came out of explainer “retirement” for this ride. You guys are friggin’ awesome.

More photos on the PIE website: click here!

And, photos of things being smashed by SmashBat are here!