Garden (Update) Pt. 2

by ryan

Well it’s been about a month since the first post about the garden in my backyard. Things are going super awesome and its so fun to see how much growth can happen in just one month. A few weeks ago we saw white flowers on the pea plants. They seemed a little closed up but last saturday we noticed that there were about 5 pods scattered around the plants. They are super fast and seem to be really productive. Both the squash and tomatoes have been growing pretty well and have the beginnings of buds forming. Here are some pictures…

Sylvia warned me about the possibilities of lead poisoning, but a lot of the research that I did say that the chances of the lead reaching the fruits is negligible. We’ve been trying the technique of affixing aluminum foil to plastic boards and letting the sun hit both sides of the plants. The only plants that haven’t experienced dramatic growth are the two peppers. But I still have faith.

In related news the Members Class on soil happened yesterday and everything went really well. We dumped dirt all over the floor of TI, learned about worm pee, and planted lima beans and succulents. All in all – fun times.