Biobigotry Warning

by ryan

What emotions do these photos conjure up? Does one connote a noble symbol of freedom and the other a urban nuisance? Where do these ideas come from?

Here’s a neat article that I read today in the NY Times science Tuesday by one of my favorite science writers, Natalie Angier, about the problems with “biobigotry” (hope that one doesn’t come up on a crossword puzzle). The phenomenon has to do with how certain animals are assigned emotional associations by humans good and bad.

Noble Eagles, Nasty Pigeons, Biased Humans

It reminded me of how all the sections of the museum are intrinsically connected, with the biology and mind section able to intersect when considering the ways that human brains unconsciously view animals. I can imagine a version of the male/female – work/home game with animals and bad/good categories.