April Fool’s

by ryan

So I’ve been doing some outside research on the cow’s eye demonstration and it turns out that some of the information that we give is just not correct. Apparently a few other museums and schools do the dissection but have passed on many false ideas. An article that I stumbled across debunked some of the mis-information and I think that we should take these corrections into account in our dissections. I wanted to post a few of the insights that I found and the scientific article that back up the claims…

The tapetum actually is also found in a human eye but the effect of the translucence is very very faint.

The vitreous humor remains very very hard while the cow is alive and only becomes jelly-like after the cells start to decompose.

The stuff that we call melanin in the dissection is actually ‘black blood’ dyed by an unrelated chemical in the eye.

The cow does not see in black and white, but actually in shades of green to better notice the grass in the fields.

The cow’s eye and the human eye are actually approximately the same size, but there’s just more of our eye under the skin.

There are some other startling revelations in the article below. It just goes to show how much information can be passed along by word of mouth without anyone actually checking up on the facts.

Cow’s Eye Myths Debunked