Brains and The Universe

by ryan

We had a training last week with Charlie Carlson about the structure of brain cells in order to better understand the ways that the mind works to process feelings, sensations, and emotions. These kind of topics often come up as we interact with the public in the brain exploration demo station. While we came up with all kinds of pressing questions like, “Why does my heart hurt at night” and “What’s the difference between pleasure and pain on a neurological level” the ways Charlie went at it were a little different. And that’s not his fault. What I got out of the brain training is that at least with our current understanding of the brain, it is so difficult to understand the complex emotions and sensations that we feel all the time. While its informative to learn about the chemical processes, the balances of potassium and calcium, the complicated ways our brain works seems to still be a mystery. And that’s not too bad. It’s kinda mind-boggling to imagine that inside each of our heads we have a structure with connections that are unfathomable and complex as the universe. And check out the pictures to prove it!