Taxi Cab Captive Audience

by shoplifted

Last Friday night proved to be an interesting evening that climaxed with a taxi cab ride turning into a cabaret show at the drop of a dime.

It started out just like any old cab ride. We hopped in a DeSoto Minivan Cab at Church and Market. We expected merely a seven dollar cab ride. What we got is something that the four of us will never forget.

Confusion echoed through he cab as a loungy jazz tune started to play on the stereo getting louder and louder. The cabbie then broke out into song. He starts, “Why does my Aunt Peg have a mustache on her face, she doesn’t even know it’s there, it’s such a big disgrace. She used to be quite beautiful and lovely you see, but lately she looks manlier than me.” We laughed and laughed and he just kept singing it didn’t stop. It didn’t even stop when he stopped the cab. We tried to get out but he just kept singing about his aunt who has a mustache like Tom Selleck.

I guess it wasn’t too bad until he started trying to sell us cd’s. We gave him a nice tip for the entertainment value and we went on our way. We did manage to get a business card to keep up to date with Buzz Brooks’ blossoming career in the cab entertainment field. Check him out, and…

Beware of this cabbie