Thanks, mind!

by tribekat

Life is a gruelling series of pointless tasks. Or is it? Lore Sjöberg’s article on reminded me that things aren’t always as they seem. Here’s my favorite line from his story:

“One exhibit at the Exploratorium was able to convince me, in just 30 seconds, that a bronze sculpture of a hand was an actual part of my body. Thanks, mind! Good work there, getting my physical self mixed up with a cheap sculpture. I fully expect that one of these days my mind is going to convince me that my desk lamp is an extension of my physical body, and I’ll electrocute myself bringing it into the hot tub. ”

Read the whole thing here.

So, instead of it being ironic that I had to read an article about the exhibits that I play with all day to remind me that it’s cool that I get to play with exhibits all day, it’s just depressing.  Get it?